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Welcome to the home for Deathdrawn!

We are accepting raids spots for all positions
Specifically looking for 1 tank & 1 healer

9/10 Nightmare Mode on the Master Zhar Lestin server!
Whisper Gotham or Pylon in-game for guild information. Or any of our guild members.

9/10 NM

gothamdeath, Feb 24, 12 5:32 AM.
We are now 9/10 NM!
Keep up the awesome enthusiasm.

This week let's take out NM Soa!
We got this!!!

First World Boss

gothamdeath, Dec 29, 11 1:54 AM.

Great job guys! Downed our Nar Shadda's world boss! Keep up the good attitude towards clearing content! :-)

Making good progress!

gothamdeath, Dec 22, 11 3:53 AM.
We're moving through the instances really quickly! Mandalorian Raiders already downed. Hopefully we can level up to be able to down Candemimu soon. Keep on leveling! And, don't forget to ask in guild for armor to be made! :)

Let's get started!

gothamdeath, Dec 20, 11 12:45 AM.
Thanks for being here for the start of SWTOR with us!

Launch of the game is coming tonight and most of use are already in the 20's! Our focus will be directed at raiding together as time goes on! Continue to level up your crew skills so that we have alot to offer each other in the guild!

Thanks for the good kick-off to SWTOR with DeathDrawn,
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